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As there are seasons in each year, there are seasons in life. Some seasons are full of joy, triumph, and rejoicing. Other seasons may have pain, hurt, loss, and heartbreak. One of the MANY things I've learned is that seasons change constantly and as they change, you change. The season I'm in is one that I am so very thankful for. It's hard, but I've experienced harder. This season has brought significant change for our family as we welcomed Stella Grace into the world. This step back into the baby world has been interesting. I'm 8 years older since the twins were babies and I hope (maybe) 8 years wiser. In those early years of raising twins, we were in survival mode and I feel like I barely had time to appreciate the gift that they were. I look back and think I wish I would have stopped more and embraced the chaos that was our life at that time. Fast forward to 2014 when Campbell was diagnosed, I made a vow to God that I would cherish each moment I have with my children. For they are a precious gift and we never know how long we may have them. When we lost Campbell, I renewed that vow to be grateful for the gifts I have and not to take the time I have with them for granted. When Stella Grace entered the world, we were overwhelmed by God's goodness in bringing so much joy in the form of a sweet blessing that 3 years ago wasn't even a thought! I find myself quoting my favorite verse quite frequently as we prepared for her arrival and now as I look at her playing or those nights rocking her to sleep, the Lord lays a favorite verse on my heart reminding me of His goodness and grace: "For weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalm 30:5. 

This season has also brought us the gut wrenching reality of parenting a child that has lost their best friend, their brother. We are discovering that you can't contain her grief and she is struggling as much as we are to live in this world without Campbell. I'm learning that it's okay to not have all the answers and sometimes you can tell them you don't know and wish you did. There is no guidebook to guide her through this, but being present and having those hard conversations and sometimes just sitting and crying is okay. This season is hard, but I know it won't last forever, but I want to guide her and help her as she navigates these hard times. Being present and spending time with her answering those uncomfortable questions and pointing her to the One who sees the bigger picture is the best I can do. 

This season is a sweet blessing and as I'm learning and growing, God is also showing me places where I need to let go and just be. One of those is in being the Editor of Inspiration Mississippi. I am so grateful to Kendall for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this group of women and the work they are doing. I've been able to meet so many wonderful people that in the  different seasons of their lives, they have made an impact and are making an impact on so many people. I am thankful to God for the gifts He has given me and I want to enjoy each one He has given me for however long I am here. So, it's time for me to take a step back and just "be" with my family. One of the biggest things God taught me through Campbell's suffering and death is about His sovereignty and also that my children are not my own. They are only given to me for a little while until the Father calls them home. My most important job as their parent is to point them to Him. I pray I did that with Campbell and I pray that I'm doing that with Avery and Stella Grace. 

In this season of life and this week of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for the new life that God gave us this year and I'm thankful for the beautiful life of a little boy that was only here for a short time, but changed me for the better. He taught me about what's important in life and and to never take my eyes off the end purpose in life...to live a life that when I join my Savior and my son in heaven, my Heavenly Father will say, "well done my good and faithful servant."

"Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;
it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord." Lamentations 3:22-26
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“God gives you gifts in life.  You get to practice using your gifts throughout different stages, with different people, different circumstances and at difference times, preparing you for what you are truly supposed to do,” reflects Lori Newcomb.  “When I was younger, I was so passionate about being a great mom and making the best of my path in life.  Now I’m on a new journey.”
Newcomb is beautiful, elegant and smart.  She exudes warmth and grace, and her genuine care for others is refreshingly contagious. Newcomb grew up on the Ross Barnett Reservoir outside of Jackson, Mississippi.  After graduating from Northwest Ranking High School, she left for the University of Mississippi.  While studying Public Administration and Economics, she often found herself relaxing at her favorite haunt, McAlister’s Deli. 
“I was a loyal customer and went in all the time,” she laughs.  “Chris Newcomb and his father had opened McAlister’s.  One day I walked in to grab my signature sandwich, and Chris was working with a young lady in the kitchen.  He looked at her and said, ‘I want to know who that girl is!  I want to take her out.’ She just happened to be my roommate.”
Four years later, they became husband and wife and soon welcomed daughters Madison and Blair and son Hayes. Madison, age twenty-two, says, “She really is the best mom; she put all of her energy into raising us.  She helped me with my homework, was always involved with my school and activities and most importantly, was always there to talk.”
In 2004, Chris opened his first Newk’s Eatery restaurant.  In the past, Lori worked for the Gap Inc., training employees and opening stores in Dallas.  The restaurant world was a perfect fit.   “Though I have never worked directly with Chris, we both love the entertaining aspect of Newk’s.  I came from the retail world, where you have total care of your clients when they come in.  It is the same in the restaurant world!  We love making sure our clients are happy.” 
But in 2013, their world changed.  “Every year for my birthday, I have an annual checkup with my OBGYN.  I knew I wasn’t feeling well for a few months prior, but I kept thinking, ‘I feel better.  I feel better.’ But I never felt well and it got persistently worse.  I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer in February at my annual checkup.”
Lori loved to exercise, but suddenly found herself in bed, undergoing treatment. Opening her laptop changed everything.  “I came across the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA) and noticed a spin event.  I thought that was so cool; it combined my love for spin, raising awareness and finding a cure.”
The symptoms of ovarian cancer are blurry at best.  Bloating, lack of energy and a loss of appetite are common.   If ovarian cancer is diagnosed early, the rate of survival is high.  “But with no early detection test, vague symptoms are the only warning signs.

That’s why we started the Newk’s Cares initiative. Our goal is to improve the rate of early diagnosis by funding research and creating greater awareness about the early symptoms of ovarian cancer,” says Lori. 
Through Newk’s Cares, Lori started an Ovarian Cycle Ride in Jackson.  In only three years, the high energy event has raised over $500,000, donated to the OCRFA.
Newk’s Eatery locations across the south are stocked with educational literature, and their red straws have switched to teal in honor of ovarian cancer awareness.  Lori says, “September is awareness month, and we change out our signature black cups for teal cups.  We also sell water bottles with information on them, and ten cents from every bottle sold is donated to the OCRFA.”
The community has beautifully embraced Lori’s fight against this silent killer.  “It has been so rewarding,” smiles Lori.  “We have received personal emails from women thanking us for putting educational literature in the restaurants.  We now know what the symptoms are.  Women are aware, going to the doctor, and finding out what is going on with their bodies.” 
Lori remains completely devoted to her adoring family.  “She is one of my best friends and we talk twice a day,” says Madison. “People who meet her never forget her.  I have had so many approach me and tell me she made them feel so loved, even through one simple conversation.”
Lori is gracefully humble, yet passionate about her path in life. “I am not the greatest at bringing awareness to cancer, but I think God is helping me be the best communicator I can be.  He has often taken me out of my comfort zone and walked me through some major mistakes in life,” Lori smiles.  “But looking back, it humbled me.  It helped me to be more open minded and hopefully a gentler person.  That is part of sharing my experiences with this illness.  When people are fighting cancer, they need to feel empathy. I am passionate about communicating that it is okay to be you in life through all of your experiences.” 

{Blog post by Mitchell Walters.  A special thank you to Karen Frasco Fine Art Photography for the beautiful pictures.}
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Thanksgiving is a day of merriment, laughter and love, centered around the comfort of a savory meal.  It is a day to celebrate family, but also the perfect occasion to cherish your closest friendships.
We imagined an intimate meal at a gorgeous long table, set with gold tableware, magnolia leaf garland and warmed by the blush of flickering candles.  Guests were greeted by gold pumpkin place settings and handmade blessing bowls before enjoying a delicious, hearty meal by Georgia Blue.  What a Thursday to remember.

House Salad: spring mix with juicy pears, praline bacon, applewood smocked cheese & toasted silvered almonds with Jenn's vinaigrette.

The Mardi Gras - fresh Cajun grouper grilled to perfection & served on garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach and diced tomatoes topped with crawfish cream sauce.

Georgia Blue Grilled Chicken - grilled chicken breast with hickory smoked ham, Havarti cheese, Vardaman sweet potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

Stock Yards Angus Bone-in Ribeye - 16-18oz bone-in ribeye served with red skin, masked potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

Venue, Catering & Bar:  Georgia Blue
Photographer:  Mary Moment Photography
Place Settings & Linens:  Fresh Cut Catering & Floral
Guest Favors:  Blessing Bowls by Carrie Case
<![CDATA[Get Outside: Mississippi's Great Outdoors]]>Mon, 13 Nov 2017 06:00:00 GMThttp://inspirems.co/home/get-outside-mississippis-great-outdoorsWith the cooler weather and the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, now is a great time to get outside and explore all that Mississippi has to offer!
<![CDATA[Red Bird Paper {LIFE}]]>Fri, 10 Nov 2017 15:00:00 GMThttp://inspirems.co/home/red-bird-paper-life9845795“I developed a great passion for watercolors.  I started to incorporate watercolor art into my design business and from there it slowly evolved into what it is today,” smiles Joanna Keith, owner of Red Bird Paper.  “The company’s reference to a red bird is in honor of Dr. Hugh G. Ward, my late great uncle.  ‘Doc’ played an integral role in my life, and a red bird’s presence reminds me of him.”
Red Bird Paper, a fine art paper boutique in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is making quite a splash with their lovely, original designs. With vibrant gift tags and stationary, gorgeous pillows, apparel and mugs, Red Bird Paper’s products are garnering attention around the state and beyond!
Keith has had an innate passion for creating since she was a young girl in Jackson. “Growing up I remember asking for art sets and anything crafty for birthdays and holidays,” she smiles.  “I would make menus for my family to use at dinner, and I still even have a few construction paper books that I wrote and illustrated. In high school I was in AP art classes and I always helped with props for the school's plays.” 
Keith majored in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design at Mississippi State. Her talent was noted, and she was commissioned by the University’s Foundation to design and paint artwork for their annual Christmas cards.  Friends and family began begging Keith to produce stationary for them, and her business was born.
“My favorite products are probably my gift tags. I used to make the tags by hand, one by one, and it would take days sometimes! I remember one night during the holidays I had printed, trimmed, hole punched, set grommets and corner cut over 500 individual tags. I loved being so hands-on with my work but that night was when I realized it was probably time to start outsourcing,” she laughs.   “I also adore the ABC Animal Print and the ABC Animal Flashcards. I'm so glad everyone seems to love the little animals I painted as much as I do!”
Red Bird Paper has printers in Hattiesburg and Jackson, and Keith is proud to support locally owned businesses and have all her products made in the USA.  She is especially honored to call Mississippi home. “Living in Mississippi influences my work.  I feel drawn to beach imagery, magnolias and cotton. I try to create pieces that people will connect with and love.”
For more information on Red Bird Paper, please click  here.  Red Bird Paper products are available in stores throughout the south or you can shop online!
{Blog post by Mitchell Walters. A special thank you to Suzanne Carey Photography for the photo of Joanna and her beautiful daughter, Elleigh!}
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<![CDATA[The Woman's Clinic {Insider Inspiration}]]>Mon, 06 Nov 2017 15:00:00 GMThttp://inspirems.co/home/the-womans-clinic-insider-inspiration
“Staying healthy means taking care of yourself,” says Dr. Erica Ory, a Physician with The Woman’s Clinic in Jackson.  “Getting regular checkups allows you to manage specific health issues.  Many of women's health risks are preventable; that's why being proactive when it comes to your own health is so important.” 
Since 1950, The Woman’s Clinic has proudly served patients throughout the Jackson area.  With twelve brilliant board-certified doctors, The Woman’s Clinic specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, the examination, diagnosis and treatment of women’s health problems. 
The Woman’s Clinic is a truly a special place.  What makes it so unique?  Their warm, intelligent staff!  With exceptional focus on each and every patient, The Woman’s Clinic specializes in the following:

~ Prenatal care for both routine and high risk patients, and they see you through delivery.
~ Their OB/GYN specialists provide a wide variety of treatments, including annual gynecologic examinations, infertility testing and treatment, cancer screening, sonography, mammogram, bone densitometry, gynecological surgery, and urinary incontinence evaluation and treatment.
~ The Woman’s Clinic offers same day appointments with one of their physicians. 
~ User-friendly online services include asking questions, scheduling appointments, requesting refills and checking results. 
~ The Woman’s Clinic has a full-time registered dietician!  She is available to help with dietary issues, including weight loss or gain, diabetic monitoring during pregnancy and dietary issues specific to teens. 
~ The Woman’s Clinic is affiliated with Baptist hospital, which means that there is a board-certified OB/GYN available at all times in the case of an emergency.  Patients have access to the full services of Baptist's comprehensive medical facilities, including adult and neonatal ICU services.

For more information on The Woman’s Clinic, please click here.
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Oxford has a new restaurant, Thacker 564! Owners Michelle Rounsaville and Trey Bridgers, know a thing or two about food and restaurants. Michelle is the owner of My Michelle’s restaurant and catering and Trey is the Chef at My Michelle’s. “Trey and I work so well together that when the restaurant space came available, we came up with the concept and ran with it,” smiles Michelle.  “It is completely different from My Michelle's being that it is a full service restaurant with a bar and we serve lunch, dinner and brunch, specialty cocktails and draft beer.” Using their working relationship at My Michelle’s, they came up with a concept/style that suits the both of them.

Named for Thacker Mountain which is the highest point of elevation in Lafayette County at 564 feet, Thacker 564, has a comfortable, friendly vibe to it. Trey and Michelle have been friends since college and bonded over a love of music and food. Restaurant goers will notice the names of food items have song lyrics in them or are music based. “Our sandwiches on the menu are slider size and you order a la carte.  We named them after local people and things, our family, and local ‘hot spots,’” says Michelle. “Our specialty cocktails have ‘tongue in cheek names too.’” 

The décor throughout is another nod to their family that supports their businesses. “All the artwork that we installed was done by Trey’s talented wife, Sarah Kathryn, that owns Studio Whimzy,” says Michelle.  Michelle’s mom helped cover the booths and the tin on the front of the bar came from Trey’s family's farm. “We wanted people of all ages and types to feel comfortable whether sitting on the covered patio listening to music with friends or families with their children to Ole Miss students wanting to come hang out and have happy hour on their way to the square,” smiles Michelle.

For more information on Thacker 564 or My Michelle’s, please click here.

{Blog post by Jill Dale.}
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Mistletoe Marketplace is just one week away!  Do you have your tickets yet?  Events are quickly selling out, so be sure to  get your tickets before they are gone! Here are a few events, you won’t want to miss!

Tis the Season to Sparkle Preview Gala & Auction
Tis the Season to Sparkle at the kickoff to the holiday season, Mistletoe Preview Gala. Join us for a night of shopping the fabulous Mistletoe merchants both old and new at the Preview Gala or bid on one or many of the items in the Silent, Premier, and Live Auctions. Walk the red carpet with C Spire, dine on fine cuisine by Fresh Cut Catering and Floral, and dance the night away with Almost Famous! It’s the season “to sparkle” at the most anticipated event of the holiday season!
Tis the Season to Be Merry & Bright Girls Night Out
Gather your girlfriends for a “merry & bright” night of fashion, makeovers, and cocktails. Girls’ Night Out, presented by Belk, is a party you are not going to want to miss! You are sure to light up all your holiday events with tips from the make-up artists at Belk. Enjoy the best cuisine and cocktails from The Manship while you shop and dance the night away to music by Ben Johnson. What more could a girl want?
Tis the Season to be Joyful Ladies’ Luncheon & Fashion Show
Be inspired and filled with the Joy of the Season when Baptist Health Systems presents a fashion show featuring survivors and their caregivers. Show your support as they walk the runway donning the latest fashions from Belk. You will dine on fare from The Manship as well-known speaker, actress, and author Kimberly Williams-Paisley shares her story. A spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Association, you will be moved by the impact Kimberly’s mother’s diagnosis has had on her personally and her heart-warming tribute to the often fragile yet unbreakable relationships we have with our mothers.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley is an accomplished actress well-known for her role in the Father of the Bride movies. She is the best-selling author of Where The Light Gets In, the story of her mother Linda’s diagnosis of early on-set dementia and how she and her family coped with the disease which ultimately took her mother’s life. Now an advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness, Kimberly relates her first-hand, inspirational experiences and understands how family and caregivers play a powerful and important role in life’s journey. Kimberly is married to Country Star Brad Paisley and they have two sons.
Tis the Season for Brews & Big 80s Friday Night at Mistletoe
Southern Beverage Company will quench your thirst with brews from all over, and renowned 80’s band The Molly Ringwalds is going to rock your Friday night! Take a break from the dancefloor and enjoy delicious fare by Fresh Cut Catering and Floral. Tease your hair, grab your legwarmers, lift that boom box over your head, and come rock out to the World’s Greatest 80’s experience. This will be an event you won’t want to miss!
For more information about Mistletoe Marketplace, click here.

<![CDATA[The Opera House 1853 {Insider Inspiration}]]>Tue, 24 Oct 2017 18:20:26 GMThttp://inspirems.co/home/the-opera-house-1853-insider-inspirationLocated on the Historic Canton Square in Canton, MS, The Opera House 1853 is the newest venue for weddings, rehearsal dinners, training seminars, business dinners, Christmas parties, or any other type of event.  Completely renovated inside and out, this The7400 square foot building brings together the charm and character of yesterday with state of the art technology and convenience of today.  We talked to Morgan Pitts, one of the owners of The Opera House 1853 to tell us more about this great event venue.

{Tell me about your background.  What drew you and your team to wanting to open a venue?}
There are 6 of us that make up the Opera House team.  Our team consist of myself and my husband Daniel, Mark Ann Hobart, Andrew Brooks, and Eddie and Becky Briggs.  This has been a dream of mine for many years and the dream seemed so far away…until this year!  I went to my husband and told him I was ready to start a business and it had to be a wedding venue.  He thought I might be a bit crazy, but he had seen the look in my eyes before and knew there would be no talking me out of it!  We mentioned our plan to our good friends Mark Ann and Andrew and it didn't take them long to decide they wanted to join us on this adventure!  Eddie and Becky are the restoratives of The Opera House 1853.  When we came in to view the newly renovated building, our dreams for The Opera House aligned and we all decided to make this dream a reality together!

{Tell me about The Opera House. When did you open? Where are you located? How/why did you select your location?}
We are located on the Historic Canton Square in Canton, MS.  If you've ever been to Canton, you know there is no other town around with its character and history!  Our venue actually just opened in May of 2017.  The question always comes up, "Why Canton?"  I always respond "Why not Canton?!"  The courthouse lawn, the architecture of the original buildings, the rich history, and character alone makes Canton one of a kind!  Our venue on the Square truly completes the picture.  It is the perfect stage for memories to be made celebrating the marriage of two people in love!

{What does The Opera House 1853 offer to their clients/customers?}

We always put our clients first.  The Opera House 1853 team truly bends over backwards to make sure each and every event goes off without a hitch!  We have many amenities that are included with bookings.  We provide tables, chairs, linens, a catering kitchen, beautiful bridal suite, and the use of the Bose surround system.  We also offer all-inclusive packages that include catering, floral, and bar services.  We try our best to do as much for our clients as we possibly can to make sure they are happy with their event!

{Describe your style in one sentence or less.} 
I'd say our style is rustic elegance.

{What sets The Opera House 1853 apart from other venues?}

We have a bridal suite also that sets us apart from other venues! Our location definitely sets us apart also.  But other than that, Eddie and Becky didn't hold back on renovating The Opera House 1853.  You won't find another venue with the class, character, and finesse that the Opera House 1853 holds.

For more information on The Opera House 1853, please click here.

{Blog post by Jill Dale.}